Video transcription

Napean India provides best video transcription in the country, our team is expert in various types of video transcripts, from commercials, movies, interviews, meetings, infomercials, seminars, music videos and tv shows. The process of Transcription
  1. 1st step: Audio received from the client through email or cloud services and acknowledged.  
  2. 2nd step: Audio is cleaned by our professional editors to make it easier for our transcribers to use.
  3. 3rd step: Transcribers will proceed with the transcription
  4. 4th step: Our quality team will assess and check the whole document.
  5. 5th step: If any issues are discovered by the QC team the document is send back to the transcriber to fix, if not then it moves to the next step.
  6. 6th step: the Completed project will be emailed to the client.
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